Tobacciana & Smoking

More About Tobacciana & Smoking

Tobacciana refers to a wide range of collectibles and antiques related to the production, consumption, and storage of tobacco and its by-products. Our antique marketplace offers a diverse selection of tobacciana items, ranging from antique pipes, cigarette holders, cigar cutters, and ashtrays to vintage tobacco tins, snuff boxes, and cigar boxes. We also have a collection of antique lighters, including Zippo lighters and other vintage lighter models. For the cigarette lovers, we offer collectible cigarette cases from various eras and regions, including Art Deco, Victorian, and Mid-Century Modern styles. In addition, our marketplace features antique tobacco advertising, such as vintage posters, tobacco signs, and other tobacco-related advertising items. We also offer collectible tobacco cards, which were originally included in cigarette packs as a promotional item and often feature sports stars or historic events. For those interested in the history of tobacco, our antique marketplace also features antique books and manuscripts related to tobacco production and consumption, as well as other historic tobacciana items, such as antique snuff bottles, hookahs, and smoking pipes from various cultures around the world.