About Us

Raven Yard Antiques is a sustainable upcoming online marketplace platform offering antique enthusiasts the opportunity to market their businesses, keep track of their financial and stock records and buy/sell antiques and collectables. Sellers are given the opportunity to pay either one-off fees or subscription-based deals. Similar to existing services, we offer sellers the chance to create their store pages and promote their objects in an auction-style environment or through a fixed-price alternative. We believe few restrictions when contacting clients online through our marketplace would be a welcome change to eBay’s regimented messaging system and stringent controls.

Our Mission

Global warming is fast becoming humanities greatest challenge. Our mission is to promote sustainable living through the concept of buying and selling antiques online for little effort, cost and maximum simplicity. We are fast growing and hope to be the UK's and Europe's number 1 antiques sales platform.

Our History

The name Raven Yard dates back over four hundred years to the Raven’s pub, located in Whitchurch, Shropshire, now owned by the Ebbs family. The property was originally built in 1625 and first served as a home, inn and accommodation for passing travellers. The word yard derives from the rear of the property formerly being a big garden and courtyard for the keeping of carts. Gregory has since decided to utilise this traditional name due to its historic associations and story. To note, although the website's name is inspired by the Raven Yard building, our antiques hub is entirely separate and independent.