About Us.

Raven Yard Antiques is a sustainable online marketplace platform offering antique enthusiasts the opportunity to market their businesses, keep track of their financial and stock records and buy/sell antiques and collectables. In the future, we are looking to charge £1 listing fees but for a limited time are offering £300.00 worth of credits to anyone who creates an account with us. This means you get to put 300 objects on our website with no fees attached!

Sellers can create their store pages and promote their objects in an auction-style environment or through a fixed-price alternative. Unlike many other competitors, we encourage sellers to contact one-another directly instead of a messaging app. This is to give you the ability to vet your objects directly with the seller and get that added comfort when buying and selling online.

Core Features.

  • Upload and edit your objects on our site.
  • Promote your business and website online.
  • Obtain a free backlink to your website.
  • Upload your objects to Pinterest automatically.
  • Automate your financial records with our inbuilt record keeping system.
  • Connect your store to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Our Mission.

Global warming is fast becoming humanity's greatest challenge. Our mission is to promote sustainable living through the concept of buying and selling antiques online for little effort, cost and maximum simplicity. We want to become the UK's go-to antiques marketplace platform which promotes ease of use, sustainability and connectivity.


The name Raven Yard dates back over four hundred years to the Raven’s pub [Now the site of Raven Yard Antiques], located in Whitchurch, Shropshire. The property was originally built in 1625 and first served as a home, inn and accommodation for passing travellers.

The word yard derives from the rear of the property formerly being a big garden and/or courtyard for the keeping of carts. Although the Raven Yard Antiques shop is a separate business, our marketplace platform has gained its aspiration from the premises and continued with this 400 year old name.


Built by Apprentice Candidate Gregory Ebbs, Raven Yard Antiques marketplace is a website built, run and managed by one person. In the future we will expand our team but our goal to to keep costs to a minimal so we can charge you as little as possible to run the website.

Unlike larger websites, we rely on the input of our users to help us expand and improve our site. By getting involved, we are happy to listen to your suggestions and grow our website according to the suggestions of the antiques community.

Website Design Services.

Unique compared to other marketplaces, we also offer website design and development services for established and aspiring antique businesses. If you are looking to promote and sell your objects online, we can provide you with a perfect solution for your problem.

Connect the database of Raven Yard Antiques to your private website.

We are aware how time consuming it can be to upload your objects on your private website and separately on a marketplace. If you join our club, we can build you a website which will connect your website's database to our marketplace so your objects will appear both on your website and Raven Yard Antiques Marketplace. You no longer have to go through the hassle of visiting multiple marketplaces and mark your objects as sold and instead can control what appears on your private business's shop page and store page through a single control panel.


  • Custom made search engine optimised (SEO) website.
  • Website will be site mapped to give it the best chance of appearing on google.
  • Objects will automatically appear on Pinterest.
  • Obtain a free backlink to your website.
  • Website will be mobile responsive.
  • Objects will appear both on Raven Yard Antiques marketplace and your private website with no extra effort or hassle.