Welcome to Raven Yard Antiques Marketplace.

We are a new marketplace which allows both enthusiasts and dealers to sell their objects online. Our aim is to create an online antiques community where buyers and sellers can talk to each other directly and sell their objects with little hassle and minimal cost.

Background Information.

Built by Apprentice Candidate Gregory Ebbs, Raven Yard Antiques is a more affordable and easier to use alternative to some of the UK's biggest platforms. Auction houses and marketplaces have been increasing their final selling fees to an extortionate amount and we aim to provide a better service when selling online but for a lot less.

How To Use?

When buying objects, create an account with us before placing a bid on your item or buying it now. Once completed, contact the seller directly via the items reserved page to discuss postage and payment. Payments are organised between the buyer and seller but if paying via paypal or similar, we strongly recommend both parties to use goods and services.

Website Design.

If you are looking for a beautiful website which promotes your business, let us know as we can build you a website for little cost which will advertise your items and help your items get seen on google.

Latest Items.

Featured Items.

What is

Grow your business.

Feel free to promote your own business by uploading your website and business details for free when signing up. As we are growing, we are for now free to use.

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Explore our selection of items.

We have over a thousand items to choose from and are fast becoming the UK's go to antiques marketplace. Simply join the club and start selling your objects online.

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Simple to Use.

We understand how selling objects can be time consuming. Our interface is easy to use to save you time and money when marketing your objects.

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