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Portrait Of Vice Admiral Thomasset, Oil On Canvas Painting

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René Edmond Thomasset, the son of a postal employee, embarked on his naval journey in November 1835 when he joined the Naval School aboard Orion in Brest. Two years later, in September 1837, he left as a second-class midshipman. His early career saw him serving in the Antilles aboard Didon, followed by assignments on Alcmène and Coquette, stationed off the coast of Spain.

Advancing to first-class midshipman in November 1839, René Edmond Thomasset sailed with the Mediterranean squadron aboard Ocean, earning a promotion to ensign in December 1841. His naval adventures then took him to Aube in the Antilles (1843), and subsequently, to Ariane in the Pacific (January 1844), where he notably distinguished himself during operations in Tahiti, including the battles of Hapape and Punaruu (1846-1847).

Assuming command of the brig Anna at the Tahiti station, René Edmond Thomasset was promoted to lieutenant in December 1848. Following this, he returned to France for land service in Brest before embarking on Borda in February 1851, and later on Héron in the Mediterranean (March 1852). Notably, at the recommendation of Bruat, he served as a maneuver officer on Montebello, exhibiting valor during the conflicts surrounding Sevastopol in the Crimean War.

Elevated to the rank of frigate captain in October 1855, René Edmond Thomasset assumed the role of second in command at the Naval School on Borda in July 1856. Subsequently, he took command of Averne and oversaw operations at the Mouths of the Danube starting in April 1859.

As chief of staff under Jurien de La Gravière on Masséna in November 1861, René Edmond Thomasset participated in the Mexican expedition, accompanying his superior aboard Montezuma and Normandy. His promotion to captain came in July 1862, followed by his appointment as president of the Permanent Examination Commission for mechanics and worker drivers of the fleet from February 1863 to September 1866. During this time, he also assumed command of the Naval School and Borda. He later resumed his role as chief of staff under Jurien de La Gravière, serving on Solférino and then Magenta.

During the events of 1870-1871, René Edmond Thomasset commanded the flotilla of gunboats and longboats tasked with defending Paris. He was subsequently promoted to rear admiral in January 1871 and served as major general in Cherbourg and later in Toulon (1872).

In August 1873, René Edmond Thomasset assumed command of the Antilles and Newfoundland division, flying his flag on Magicienne, and received a commendation in September 1875.

Becoming a member of the Board of Admiralty in September 1875, he ascended to vice-admiral in November 1877, serving as president of the Shipwreck Commission. He was appointed maritime prefect of Rochefort in November 1878, subsequently resuming his position on the Board of Admiralty in October 1879.

In August 1882, René Edmond Thomasset commanded the reserve squadron aboard Devastation and Bayard, retiring in October 1884. He died on January 16, 1907.

Painting Background:
Its thought that the painting was created around December 1877 as a present from his wife [Romanian Princess Irina Cantacuzene] and in celebration for him being made Vice Admiral, painted probably in Paris.

Paper Notes Says:
Rene Edmond Thomasset. Husband of Princess Irina Cantacuzene. Godfather of Marie Antoinette Ona.

Painter unknown.

Overall in good condition although there is a ridge in the paint third button down from the uniform. Still with its original frame.

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