Liverpool Scottish Regiment Officers Dress Tunic.

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A beautiful Liverpool Scottish Regiment Officers territorial Lieutenants tunic, tartan forbes kilt, sporran and feathered glengarry. Feathers are a replacement. Glengarry is dated 1898. Kilt is a OR example with provenance. Tunic post 1908. Missing lieutenants pips from the shoulder boards. No name. I believe the tunic also saw interwar service as a couple of buttons belong to the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, an affiliation which first took place in 1920.

Some wear on the tunics back. Overall in very good condition.

Regimental History:
The Liverpool Scottish, first raised in 1900 as an Infantry Battalion in the Kings Liverpool Regiment came about as an attempt by the British government to recruit Scottish families in the City of Liverpool. Following the Haldane Reforms in 1908, the Liverpool Scottish became the Kings 10th Battalion in which a territorial force was formed from Volunteers and Yeomanry.

When war was declared in 1914, the Liverpool Scottish mobilised and moved to Scotland before becoming one of the first Territorial regiments to be deployed at Ypres. Much of the regimental history is too vast to mention in a short description of the regiment but a short snippet of the regiments conduct in WW1 can be summarised by Captain Noel Chavasse [The only soldier to earn the VC twice in WW1!] and his 1916 CV citation:

"Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse, M.C., M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.

For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty.

During an attack he tended the wounded in the open all day, under heavy fire, frequently in view of the enemy. During the ensuing night he searched for wounded on the ground in front of the enemy's lines for four hours.

Next day he took one stretcher-bearer to the advanced trenches, and under heavy shell fire carried an urgent case for 500 yards into safety, being wounded in the side by a shell splinter during the journey. The same night he took up a party of twenty volunteers, rescued three wounded men from a shell hole twenty-five yards from the enemy's trench, buried the bodies of two officers, and collected many identity discs, although fired on by bombs and machine guns.

Altogether he saved the lives of some twenty badly wounded men, besides the ordinary cases which passed through his hands. His courage and self-sacrifice, were beyond praise."

Mannequin and sporran not included.

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