Kings Liverpool Regiment MK1 Raw Edge Brodie Helmet

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15-09-2023 10:41:38

Located in: Shropshire, UK

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Seller Name: Gregory Ebbs


A very rare Kings Liverpool Regiment rimless 'War Office Pattern' brodie helmet with liner and chinstrap made from magnetic mild steel [tested]. This example survives as being part of a limited run of 4,400 brodies as patented by John Leopold Brodie in August 1915. The first delivery of brodies took place in September 1915 at the rate of 50 per battalion. Initially there were too few helmets to equip every man and thus were designed 'trench stores' to be kept on the frontline and used by each unit which occupied that sector. No name can be seen on the helmet although this example probably exists as a survivor from Loos or Ypres and then on until 1918.

Fragile but in good condition. The asbestos inside has been removed [not by me] and thus the liner is no longer fastened into the shell and is loose.

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