Flintlock Pistol By Parr

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A fantastic late 18th century holster pistol by John Parr of Frederick Street, circa 1780. In good condition with Birmingham proofs.

John Parr, a resident of Frederick Street and later Argyle Street in Liverpool, is a notable figure known for his occupation as a gunmaker and his affiliation with Presbyterianism. He constructed Elm House in West Derby around 1777, showcasing his prominence in the gun trade. His legacy is associated with the "Parr of Lythwood" lineage, as described by Bernard Burke. Born approximately in 1734, he passed away on March 15, 1798. His will, dating back to 1794, underwent probate in Chester on September 30, 1799, marking the formal process of estate distribution.

John Parr's eldest son, named John Parr and born in 1767, faced financial difficulties, being declared an insolvent debtor at Elm House and finding himself "out of business" by February 1840. In contrast, his third son, Thomas Parr, born in 1769, assumed his father's role in the Liverpool merchant business. Notably, Thomas Parr's involvement in the slave trade sheds light on the historical complexities associated with Liverpool's past.

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