Early 19th Century Brass Barrelled Blunderbuss By Blake.

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16-08-2023 15:24:25

Located in: Shropshire, UK

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Seller Name: Gregory Ebbs


Experience a piece of history with this distinctive coaching brass barrelled blunderbuss crafted by the esteemed Blake of London. This rare firearm is a testament to the superior craftsmanship and unique design ethos of the 18th-century weaponry. No WD marks are visible so this weapon was probably purposed for civilian or civil uses.

The blunderbuss, famous for its flared muzzle and short, large caliber barrel, was a firearm of choice in naval warfare, cavalry charges, and for personal defense during the period. The broad barrel design allowed it to fire multiple projectiles at once, making it highly effective at close range.

Good condition with age. Mechanism holds and releases. The stock has a fairly large crack beneath the barrel however.

31.5 inches long.

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