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1886 Dated French Grass Rifle Bayonet

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The T-back sword bayonet mentioned here was designed for use with the 11 mm M1874 Gras rifle. The M1874 Gras rifle was a conversion of the earlier M1866 Chassepot design, modified to accommodate the 11.15 x 59 mm centerfire cartridge. This conversion was developed by Colonel Basile Gras, which is why the rifle is referred to as the "Gras."

M1874 bayonets were manufactured by various entities, including French state arms plants and government contractors, as well as commercial producers. These bayonets played a crucial role in equipping soldiers with a versatile weapon during the late 19th century.

Government-issued bayonets typically featured markings on the blade spine that indicated the factory, month, and year of production, providing historical context for these items. Commercially produced bayonets may have different markings based on the manufacturer and location.

In the case of the example provided, it was manufactured in 1886 by St Etienne. Good condition with scabbard.

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