Victorian Political Broadsheet

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A fascinating Victorian Penny Broadsheet, sold at street corners, outside Music Halls and at events, which usually carried a satirical comment upon contentious matters or issues which were effecting public opinion, perhaps political, or as in this case, the State and the Church. In the 19th century the Church and Faith came under scrutiny, even attack, from new thinking, the pressure of reform and scientific discovery. The scene is the Dome of St. Paul's as a giant umbrella sheltering the Church and State, which is being pulled in opposite directions, by those of differing opinions, whilst there are groups of individuals who do not appear to belong beneath it. The prominent High Churchmen, Fr. MacKonochie(18) is pulling hard on his rope and moving towards the beckoning Cardinal Manning - with John Henry Newman in the distance heading towards a signpost, surmounted by a Papal Tiara, showing the way to Rome. The Evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin is portrayed as half man, half ape, who is encouraging others towards 'the daylight'; a quote from Genesis next to him ' My brother is a hairy man, but I am a smooth man'. A small figure sitting in a puddle (8) is referred to as 'a friend', in other words a Quaker, who prefers to use his own umbrella, wanted nothing from the State or the established church. There is so much to discover in what is a remarkable parody which has survived almost 150, whereas most Broadsheets were read, viewed and ended up on the floor. It measures 20 inches x 15 inches and is mounted on board. It is a little bit greyed in places but where would you find another one, I wonder ?

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