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A recent addition to our stock, purchased from an American Dealer - it is difficult to know where to place it. Technically it comes under the Category 'Ephemera' yet it could equally be placed as a rare, curious or a political piece ! It is a reverse written/scripted postcard sent by someone living in Washington DC in 1905. The practice of writing words backwards on Postcards was a common feature in the 19th century, partly to prevent the Postman from reading them and partly to conceal information. This item is aimed at concealing information and seems to reveal that the sender, a descendent of 1st generation Americans is unhappy about the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, who of course was the youngest President, elected after the assassination of President McKinley in 1901. He 'cryptically' refers to the political climate stating ' I do not propose to be crowded out from the shade of the old cherry tree (shown as a drawing of a cherry and a tree') which is a direct reference to the first President George Washington, the Father of the Nation. President Roosevelt introduced sweeping economic and political reforms, which were often referred to as 'youthful' because of his age(42), not popular with older Americans - hence the remark ' youth as you know is effervescent' whilst 'age is stable'. A remarkable piece of political and historical interest.

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